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Pre-season training, team bonding or end of year break up... they are all great reasons to play paintball.

Paintball is an extreme strategy game that involves 2 teams playing against each other. You will use similar teamwork skills to football, soccer, basketball, netball, rugby, hockey, baseball, softball, cricket etc.

On arrival your team will be kitted out in custom camouflage overalls, ammo belt, padded vest if required and a paintball mask. You will then be issued a Tippmann 98 semi-automatic paintball gun so you and your team mates can try and outplay the opposition.

Through your paintball session you will play team games on a variety of playing fields. Games have different objectives and each field is different from the last. Our playing fields vary from fast action mirror image to tactical bush fields.

We've had thousands of sports team players take to the battle fields at Paintball Park. Amateur players through to professional athletes from Port Power FC, Adelaide United FC, Adelaide Bite, SANFL, San Diego Dynasty, Russian Legion any many more. We often have sport athletes visit the park so keep your eyes open when you are here.

Paintball is great for end of season break ups. Teams often have a BBQ and presentations at the end of their session.

Paintball Park is located 2 minutes from Elizabeth Shopping Centre and approx 30 minutes from the Adelaide CBD. As we are located in the Adelaide area this makes transport to and from the field quick and easy. We are next door to Womma Train Station if players require public transport.

Waiver Forms

All players are required to complete a waiver form before playing.

Players under 18 years of age are required to have their waiver form completed by their own parent.

Waiver forms must be neat & completed 100% to be able to play.

Waiver forms are available at the field on the day or Click here to open a Waiver Form.

Food / Drinks

Drinks & snacks are available for purchase.
BBQ's / Cooking devices are not permitted.
Alcohol / Drugs / People that have consumed are not permitted onsite.



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