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Paintball Park is 2 minutes from the Elizabeth Shopping Centre & approx 30 minutes from the Adelaide CBD.

We are located next door to Womma Train station so if you don't have transport or if you want to bring a large group then the train is a great option. For players that do want to bring multiple cars or buses we have plenty of room in our car park.

We are the only outdoor paintball field in the Adelaide suburbs. Our owner / Manager often thought I wish there was a Paintball Field Near Me so we decided instead of making customers travel out of Adelaide for paintball, we would bring a paintball field in to Adelaide. Time is valuable so you don't want to waste time & money driving to and from your paintball event. If you have a busy day with a paintball birthday or paintball bucks party then there is plenty of time to play paintball & then do other activities of your choice.

Experience (Owner / Manager)

Paintball Park's owner & onsite manager has 20+ years experience running paintball games & playing paintball, making him one of the most experienced in the industry. With his extensive knowledge experience & passion for the sport he has made Paintball Park evolve into a league of its own with unmatched high standards, quality & safety.

Due to his experience & firearms handling skills he also recently worked in Foxtel's mini-series 'Deadline Gallipoli'. Hired as 1 of 10 hardcore action extras he worked with Australia's best stuntmen & alongside Sam Worthington & Hugh Dancy as Australian & New Zealand soldiers in the battle scenes.

Staff / Referees

Our staff & referees are very experienced with back grounds in social paintball, tournament paintball & military. With our extensive knowledge we help players have a more enjoyable & safer day paintballing.

Our onsite gunsmiths check all paintball guns before use for safety & to ensure they are going to perform all day, especially when you need it most. If your gun does have an issue during the day we will ensure it is fixed or replaced promptly.

Referees are assigned to groups for safety & to ensure you have the best day paintballing. Referees structure your day with suitable games to help players conserve paintballs or to be trigger happy depending on the group & how many paintballs they have purchased.

Our staff are experienced with rental gear to help your players have a fun & safe day. If you are looking to buy paintball equipment we are the largest supplier of paintball gear in Adelaide & can assist you with your enquiries or to purchase the right equipment.

Customer Service

Exceptional customer service from your initial contact all the way through your entire paintball session. We treat every customer as a V.I.P.   Our experienced and friendly referees will help players have a fun filled day with great value. If your group has a limited amount of paintballs our referees will help your players play conservatively to help their paintballs last longer. We want to make sure all players have an amazing paintball experience regardless of the amount of paintballs purchased. Our referees are trained to run your group to give you the best paintballing day with great value from 10 year old kids through to very trigger happy adults.

Paintball Park is an Adelaide company run by Adelaide residents. We are dedicated to ensuring everyone has a great time & you get everything you have paid for.

Customise Your Day

Customising your paintball day to suit your group is essential to give players the best paintball experience & value for money.

If your group wants anything special for your day or for your games please ask & we will try our hardest to accommodate. We are happy to play custom games & modify formats as long as we can't see any issues including safety.

There are numerous ways to run paintball games & Paintball Park's owner / manager uses his approx 20 years experience as a player, referee & manager to ensure your day is run the right way for your group. We understand your requirements & help your players conserve their paintballs or let them be trigger happy depending on age, quantity of paintballs purchased, time available etc. We run groups with minimal paintballs very different to groups with 1000+ paintballs each to help players get the best paintballing experience possible.

Traditional Rules

To get the full paintball experience, excitement, fun & satisfaction we usually run paintball games the traditional way of 1 paint splat anywhere on a player & that player is eliminated from the game. This is the most exciting & challenging way to play paintball. If a player eliminates an opposing player they may then be able to advance up the field to try an outplay another player & go on to win the game. Games run for approx 5-10 minutes & groups can play as many games as they like up until 4-5pm.


Respawning is great fun for players with a lot of paintballs as players get to re enter the game after they have been eliminated. Our normal respawning games are that we allow players to respawn for the first 3 - 5 minutes of the game. During the respawning part of the game players try & gain as much ground as they can to take control of the game. After the respawning time has finished players are eliminated from the game once hit until the game in won. These are great games but they do require more paintballs than the standard games.

Mask / Head Hits

Looking where your opposing players are without getting tagged is one of the most exciting aspects of paintball & brings a lot of skill into the game. The mask is a common places to get tagged as you are looking while shooting. The mask is a great place to get tagged due to the mask protection. If groups wish to not count mask / head shots as out we can work this into your games but this normally increases players having their heads out from the barricades during the games & therefore they have just as much chance if not more chance of getting mask / head shots. By not counting mask / head shots this encourages players to be looking out from their barricades more often, this encourages players to shoot more paintballs & makes it harder for players to advance causing players to shoot more paintballs trying to eliminate opposing players.

Arm / Leg Hits

If groups wish to not count arm or leg shots as out this can be worked into your games. By playing games this way keeps players in the game longer but also uses more paintballs per game. Great for players with a lot of paintballs but not so good for players with minimal paintballs.

Paint Gun Hits

Our normal social player rules doesn't count hits on the paint gun as out as it may be hard to know if you have been hit. For more excitement & skill let us know if your group wants to count gun hits as out the same as tournament rules. We can also play if players are hit on the gun rather than being eliminated they can respawn. Once they have touched their start drum at the back of the field they can re enter the game.

Play Alone or Merge with Others

We will always run your day how your group would like if we can. Some groups want to merge to play with more people & some groups want to play in their own group. When groups are merged we use our experience to ensure groups are compatible.

Safety Comes First

We are yet to see a paintball field with higher safety standards or better maintenance anywhere in Australia or overseas. We believe Paintball Park's high safety standards & maintenance are unmatched. Our onsite managers nickname is 'Captain Safety' & he has approx 20 years playing & working experience in the paintball industry. This experience is vital for the safety of your players.

When paintball is played in a well controlled environment with experienced staff, using good quality & well maintained equipment then paintball is a pretty safe sport. An announcer at a professional paintball tournament stated 'paintball is statistically safer than golf'. If however paintball is played at a field that has not got a lot experience, does not use good quality equipment, does not maintain & replace equipment & is not hot on safety then accidents are definitely more likely to happen.


All fields are professionally designed & built for a safe action packed day of paintball. Barricades are strategically positioned for team to team combat & to give players the best paintball experience available. Our manager & tournament players have played the most amount of games on our fields & when they notice a barricade is slightly too big or too small or needs to be moved to get a better angle then we make the adjustments needed even if this requires a 25 tonne crane. This is the professional detail that makes a good field a great field.

We have fields for all types of paintballing including hyperball, speedball & scenarios. Throughout your day you will get to experience different styles of paintball & face different objectives & challenges.


Our speedball field is the best we have seen anywhere in the world & has been the home training field for many tournament players including players that have gone on to play for Australia's number 1 team 'Sydney SWAT'. This field has also seen pro American players Ryan Greenspan from San Diego Dynasty & Marcello Margott from Russian Legion (now LA Ironmen). This field is a mirror image field meaning that it is the same from both ends. This field was originally based on a combination of world cup fields & we have since made approx 20 changes over the years to get it to the high standard it is. This field plays extremely well & every player on the field plays a vital role to their team.

Bush Scenario Fields

Our bush scenario fields are situated end to end with each other & are often joined together to create a whole new experience. Storm down the field with your team mates or take cover & wait quietly to pick off players one at a time as they try to advance. There are a variety of positions to take cover in including the pill box, trenches, vehicle wrecks or use your camouflage & hide amongst the trees & shrubs.


Hyperball is the original field design for tournament paintball. This field is constructed from large plastic tubes strategically placed for players to use communication, skill & quick thinking. Hyperball is a traditional paintball field design that is popular all over the world. This field is very exciting to play on as the action starts as soon as the game starts. There are lots of smaller barricades & it is hard to keep track of your opposition as they can easily move from barricade to barricade. Players can shoot all over the field so you need to be careful as you are in range for the entire opposition team. These games will sure get your adrenalin pumping with the sound of paintballs whizzing past & smashing into your barricades.


We provide top of the range rental equipment from the world's largest companies to ensure your players have the safest protection & to achieve the best paintball experience for all players.

Paint Guns

We supply the best rental semi automatic paintball guns available. The Tippmann 98 is easy to use, accurate, extremely reliable & has a great rate of fire if needed. Paint guns are cleaned, checked & maintained before every use by our experienced gunsmiths.

Sniper barrel upgrade $10.


Traditional & full head styles available. We have a large fleet of paintball masks to suit kids & adults. Masks are washed & lenses are polished before every use. For player protection & comfort masks are maintained to ensure they have good lenses, good padding & good straps. All masks are fitted with chin straps for extra safety.

Masks can also be purchased at the field.

Body Armour

Superior quality body armour is available free for all players. Vests help protect players front & back torso areas. Great for females & kids.

Camo Overalls / Suits

For player safety & comfort we use custom designed camouflage overalls with built in neck protection. 20 years of paintball experience has gone into the design of our overalls to ensure our players get the best paintball experience.

  Overall features:
Sizes from XXXS to 20XL
AUSCAM pattern to ensure players can blend in with the Australian trees & shrubs
Built in neck protection
Quick & easy studs
Ankle studs
Wrist elastic to keep hands free
High front pocket for barrel safety plug
Side access to get to pants pockets
Specific material thickness to help with player protection whist trying to keep players cool
Extra Protection

Social player extra protection is available to be purchased on the day if required. Gloves from $5, Hats from $6, beanies $6, Groin box $5, knee pads $22.

If you want to buy your own playing gear such as a mask, jersey, pants, harness, pods etc please contact us before your day so we can bring an assortment to the field. We have the largest range of paintball equipment for sale in SA but only stock a limited amount on site.

Group Sizes

Individual players through to large groups are welcome.


To secure a preferred day & start time we recommend bookings & deposits are finalised as far in advance as possible as some days book out weeks / months in advance.

If you want to play today please call us on  0413 144 992.

Value For Money

A very important part of our business is value for money for our customers. We want every player to have the best paintball experience regardless of the amount of paintballs purchased.

Our staff & referees structure the day based on player age, quantity of paintballs purchased etc. Groups with minimal paintballs are run differently to groups with a lot of paintballs so we can help players conserve paintballs to help make their day better.

Paintball Park operates at our opening special prices from 2005 & will continue to run at these prices for as long as possible. We have also been able to introduce genuine discounts & specials over the years & will continue to do so to support customers that support us.



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