Kids - School Groups

Round up your fellow students & favourite teachers for a school excursion like you've never experienced before.

Paintball Park is Adelaide's biggest and most developed paintball venue. You will be issued with the best rental equipment available including a Tippmann 98 semi-automatic paintball gun, custom camouflage overalls, free hire of padded vest if required & a paintball mask from one of the world's leading brands.

We are professionals in the extreme sports entertainment industry and have been running action packed paintball games for 9 years. Our onsite manager has been heavily involved in paintball for approx 20 years and is one of the most experienced paintballers in South Australia. Paintball Park referees have a variety of skills from military weapons training to being some of the best paintball players in South Australia. Whatever our staffs' individual skills advantage is, we are all very friendly & professional. We know paintball & we love paintball. Your group is sure going to have a great day paintballing with us.

Large and small groups are always welcome. If you have a small group & want more players there are often other compatible groups that want more players too. If you want to play with other players contact us and we can inform you of the compatible session times.

Teachers & parents are welcome to join in the fun & for peace of mind. When adults are a part of the kids group they play to the appropriate skill level, but don't underestimate how good the kids are. We think the adults have just as much fun as the kids too.

There are heaps of different games to play and different fields to play on. We may even give some special roles to a few selected players through the day.

Safety comes first & then we have fun. This is the saying from our onsite manager who strongly believes we are the safest paintball field in the Adelaide area. We are known in the industry as being extremely safety conscious which gives parents and kids great piece of mind. Before games commence players have a safety briefing, paint gun briefing & practice shots.

Transport is easy as Paintball Park is located in Edinburgh North just 2 minutes from Elizabeth Shopping Centre. We are approx 30 minutes from the Adelaide CBD & right next door to Womma Train Station. So when you are all done splatting paint on each other it won't take long to get back to school. If you helped the teacher win the day you might even get an early minute.

Bookings are essential. We recommend bookings are made as soon as you know the day as some days book out weeks in advance.
Waiver Forms

All players are required to complete a waiver form before playing.

Players under 18 years of age are required to have their waiver form completed by their own parent.

Waiver forms must be neat & completed 100% to be able to play.

Waiver forms are available at the field on the day or Click here to open a Waiver Form.

Food / Drinks

Drinks & snacks are available for purchase.
BBQ's / Cooking devices are not permitted.
Alcohol / Drugs / People that have consumed are not permitted onsite.



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