Welcome to Paintball Park Adelaide

Paintball Park is dedicated to providing the best paintballing experience available. With our manager's 20 years experience in the industry we are able to provide exceptional standards in all areas including playing fields, equipment, safety & value.

Paintball Park opened in 2005 & has fast grown into a leading entertainment venue attracting people from all over Adelaide, Australia & the world. Tens of thousands of players have experienced 'the full paintball experience' & we look forward to seeing each and every one of our future players.

Fast Facts

Paintball near me? 30 minutes from Adelaide CBD /2 minutes from Elizabeth Shopping Centre.
Easy Transport: Train, bus, car.... (Next door to Womma Train Station).
Paintball Fields: Bush scenario through to one of the best speedball fields in Australia.
Paintball guns: The best rental semi automatic paint guns available.
Gun upgrades: Sniper barrel upgrades available.
Paintballs: Traditional size (.68) Shoots straight, great distance & big splats.
Gas/air: Free gas & air refills all day.
Masks: Clean & maintained masks in Multiple styles & sizes for kids & adults.
Overalls: Clean custom camouflage overalls with built in neck protection.
Padded Vests: Free hire for females & kids. Free for male adults if required.
Paintball Gear Sales: We sell Dye, HK, Empire, Eclipse, JT, Sly, V-Force, Tippmann, Valken ...
Drinks & snacks: Gatorade, Powerade, water, soft drinks, chips & chocolate bars available.
Paintball Games: We have a wide variety of game formats & objectives to suit all groups.
Customise your day: Your day can be customised to suit your requirements.
Day structure: We structure your day to give the greatest experience & value for money.
Experience: Owner/manager has approx 25+ years of paintball experience.
Referees: Friendly & experienced tournament paintball players & ex military.
Customer Service: Friendly & experienced staff providing good old fashion customer service.
Adelaide Business: Adelaide owned & operated with 25 + years of paintballing experience.
Safety: We are known as the safest paintball field in the Adelaide area.
Age: Play paintball from 10 years of age.
Free photo: Ask us to take your photo. (Will be on the Paintball Park facebook page).
Prices: We still have the same entry price from 2005
Discounts & Specials: All Paintball Park promotions are genuine discounts with no tricks.
Competitor vouchers: We accept most competitor's vouchers (Mention when booking).
Easy bookings: Phone bookings 8am-8pm 7 days. Online bookings 24/7.
Gift Cards: Ph./Card payments welcome. Valid 3 years. Free postage Australia wide

Latest News

Night Paintball Games

We are now also running Night Paintball Games.

You might have played paintball during the day - but have you played paintball at night?

New challenges & a whole new experience.


(Bookings Essential)

Tournament Paintballs

Tournament Paintballs We are giving our customers a FREE upgrade to Tournament Paintballs (while stocks last) .68 Calibre Tournament Grade Paintballs are designed for the win. Shoot straighter, great distance, breaks easier on your opposition and has a bright paint fill that gives great coverage to really mark your opposition.

$35 Entry, hire, 100 balls

Welcome to 2024! We are still $35 to play paintball & INCLUDES 100 PAINTBALLS!!!

Get on the field with equipment hire and 100 paintballs for $35.

Extra paintballs can be purchased on the day.. If you are trigger happy you might want to take advantage of the great per player bulk deals. Bulk paintball deals come with free harness hire to carry extra paintballs so you can reload when you need (sometimes during a game) and it's great to reload between games so your paintball gun is full when the next game starts.

Bookings Essential. As soon as you know the day you want to play please let us know.

We look forward to seeing you

Open 18 years!

We've been open since 2005.

.. and we've kept the entry price the same for the whole time!

Entry, equipment hire and 100 paintballs is still only $35 per player!

Paintball has changed over the years including it was originally known as Skirmish, then Paintball Skirmish and now it's mostly known as Paintball.

Paintball Skirmish has been around for over 40 years and mostly played out of town. We wanted to bring a Paintball Skirmish Field into Adelaide and after 8 hard years we made it happen.

In 2005 our owner / manager accompanied by one of Australia's best paintball players shot the first paintball out of a pink limited edition Angel Speed Tournament marker (paint gun) -- and that was the start of Paintball Park's Paintball Games.

We thank every single person that has come through to play paintball over the 18 years and we look forward to many more years of paintballing.

Hopefully we'll see you soon!
From the Paintball Park Team

Biggest Shooter Record

Daniel & Lachlan have set the new Biggest Shooter Record!

They shot through a massive 5300 paintballs each to beat the old record of 5200 ... Which was held by Lachlan for the last approx 5 years!

Well done on being the biggest shooters of all time at Paintball Park.

Got a Bucks Party in Adelaide?

Come Buck Hunting at Paintball Park.
Dress your Buck in our pink overalls and make it a day to remember.

We are located approx. 30 minutes from the Adelaide CBD so come paintballing before lunch or hitting the town.

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a great Xmas & New Years.

We look forward to seeing you paintballing with us in 2023.

From the team at Paintball Park.

Want Your Own Mask?

We now stock more brands of Paintball Masks than ever before.

Dye, V-Force, Empire, HK Army, JT, BNKR KINGS, Virtue, Sly, Proto, Base, Carbon, Valken & Push.

The first item most paintballers buy is a mask. Some buy it for comfort and some buy it just because they want one. As paintballers ourselves we totally get it and that's why most of us have more than 1 - You want comfort, you want thermal lenses and you just think they look cool.

We have camo masks through to bright funky colours with coloured mirror lenses depending if you want the bushball or speedball look... or we have masks that will do the job for both. We also have lenses in stock for players that want to swap between clear, mirror & tint.

Masks start from $49 and work up depending on the level of awesomeness required.

Our staff have worn many masks over the years of playing paintball so we can point you in the right direction.

Busiest Day of 2022

We set a new record for the busiest day of 2022. School Holiday Paintball was a hit!

Biggest Group for 2022

It's great to see people getting out and enjoying themselves after a crazy 2 years of Covid restrictions.

We've just had our biggest paintball group come through for 2022 with 46 players. 23 v 23 paintball games are next level.

Our biggest paintball group since opening in 2005 was Adelaide's Port Power with 58 players.

First all female SAPL team

YTG are the first all female paintball team to compete in the SAPL tournaments. They also won their very first game of the day.

Trauma wins SAPL Round 1

Paintball Park's owner / managers team 'Trauma' finished 1st in Round 1 of the 2022 South Australian Paintball League series.

Trauma were 4 points behind Shredd coming in to the last game of the event. Trauma managed to score the full 5 points to win the tournament by 1 point.

40 Years of Paintball

Paintball was first played on 27/June/1981.

To celebrate World Paintball Day we are running an event with the South Australian Paintball League on Sun 27/June/21.

Please contact us for info & bookings.

We Have Re-Opened

The wait is over and we are allowed to run games again from SAT 6/6/20. Groups of up to 20 players are permitted.

Looking forward to seeing you all and make sure you book in early as days are already starting to fill up.

NEW Prepaid Group Packages

We've just introduced some new Group Paintball Packages. Check out our prices page for more info.

Since we opened in 2005 we still have never increased prices for entry or extra paintballs - We support the paintballers that support us.

Busiest Weekend of the year

Huge weekend of paintball games with Saturday completely booked out & Sunday almost booked out.

Come and play at Paintball Park and see why so many players choose us for their special day.

Full Week of Paintball

We've returned to Adelaide from a solid week of interstate paintball. Meetings, Paintball Games & Training with Semi Pro Tournament Teams. It's been an awesome week playing the game we love.

New Biggest Shooter

After 7 years we have a new record for the most amount of paintballs shot in 1 day by a social player.

Lachlan shot a very impressive 5200 paintballs. Although Lachlan only beat the record by 100 paintballs the previous record was done using a Smart Parts ion with an electronic trigger and Lachlan used one of our Tippman 98 field rental paintball markers (paintball gun) so this makes the new record even more impressive.
We think this new record will stay for a while but if you want to have a crack at it we have a special paintball package on our prices page called the RECORD BREAKER.

2nd Busiest day of the year

Only 5 players less than last Saturday's busiest day of the year.

New Fastest Shooters Record

Although we are the only paintball field we know of in Adelaide, Australia and overseas that actually helps players to be conservative with their paintballs when required (such as kids groups & groups with minimal paintballs) we can also help players shoot a lot of paintballs very quickly when required.
The previous fastest shooter record for 700 paintballs was a group that walked on to the paintball fields at 4:10pm and off at 4:55pm (45 minutes) as we close at 5pm. The new record was broken today with 2 players shooting 700 paintballs each in 30 minutes smashing the old record by 15 minutes!
The pair of trigger happy paintballers walked on to the paintball fields at 4:20pm and off at 4:50pm.
Normally players are at Paintball Park for approx 4.5 hours and some groups play all day. It's taken 12 years to get to this record so we think it's going to stay for a while :)

Busiest day of the year

The weather is great, footy season is over, bucks parties are full steam ahead and birthday parties are piling in.

Today was the biggest paintball day of the year so far and as it's a busy time of year we recommend booking your paintball day as soon as you know the date.

SAPL social paintball day

South Australian Paintball League held a social paintball day today attracting new paintballers through to experienced tournament players.
SAPL once again offered fantastic prices on entry and 2000 paintballs so players could come and play hard all day without having to conserve paintballs.
If you have the paintball bug or you want to get into the sport more than just social games jump on to the SAPL website sapaintballleague.com.au and follow them on facebook for upcoming events. New players welcome.

New pods have arrived

Carry up to 400 paintballs on your back + 200 in your marker

New Gift Cards

New design gift cards are in stock.
Any $ value. Valid for 3 years.
Phone / card payments welcome.
Posted Australia wide.

10 Game Tournament Battle

Sunday 28/May/17, Click the SAPL button for more info.

Dye i5 Paintball Masks

The brand new Dye i5 paintball masks are in stock just in time for Xmas

New 2016 Biggest Shooter

A new record has just been set for the 2016 BIGGEST SHOOTER COMPETITION.
Harley shot an impressive 2500 paintballs on the weekend.
We reckon this one will hold for a while & Harley may even be the biggest shooter for 2016 !!

It's our 10th anniversary

Paintball Park has been running paintball games for 10 years. Thanks everyone for your help & support.

A big thanks to all the paintballers that keep on coming week after week. To support Adelaide paintball we are still running paintball games at our opening special prices... plus we've added a few more deals too.

We are looking forward to the next 10 years & can't wait to see you all.
From the Paintball Park Team

New gear has arrived

Items in stock

Masks (i3, i4, KLR, flex 8 head guard, Proflex, E-Vent, E-Flex, Helix, VIO, Grill, Profiler, Armor, Profit, MI, sleek), lenses, lens cloths, head wraps, head bands, harnesses, pods/loaders, pod loaders, pants, jerseys, chest protectors, slide shorts, neck protectors, knee&elbow pads, gloves, gun bags, bottle covers, barrel socks, gear bags, lanyards, carabinas, sun glasses, T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, cleats, socks, pod bags, beanies, hats, ponchos, barrel swabs, wrist bands, magazines, DVD's, DVD/CD cases, stickers and more .....

Brands we stock

HK Army, Planet Eclipse, Dye, Proto, JT, Empire, Virtue, Valken, Smart Parts, V-Force, Sly, Angel, Annex, Exalt, GI Milsim, GI Sportz, NXe, Redz and more ...

Owner in FOXTEL mini-series

Our owner / manager will be showing his experience in a different way tonight in the FOXTEL mini-series 'Deadline Gallipoli'. Working alongside actors such as Sam Worthington & Hugh Dancy he was 1 of 10 'hardcore action extras' hired to work with the stunt guys in the action scenes.



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